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FAQ - Information tools

Can't find your question listed below? Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 514 287-8726 or fill out the contact form.

  1. How can I be notified of service status?

    My Account, Chrono, Train-Alert, ALLO-TRAM, Google maps and Twitter, among many other ways!

    Several tools are at your disposal to be notified of the service status of trains, the metro and certain bus lines. Discover them here. Register to My Account! You can save your communication tool preferences and favourite modes of transport.

  2. What is My Account?

    It's your personalized account on our website. By registering, you will benefit from several advantages to make getting around easier. Enter your favourite modes of transport and your regular destinations and you will obtain customized service status on your home page, routes, notifications and information on service status or the latest news on projects in progress. It's so practical! To find out more and to register, click here.

  3. What is ALLO-TRAM?

    ALLO-TRAM is a 24-hour telephone dissemination system for train schedules and bus schedules (except STM buses). Just dial 514 287-TRAM (8726) and enter the code of your train station or bus stop to hear the next departures. These codes are available in the Information tab for each station page.

  4. How can I be informed of the next train departure?

    Every train station is equipped with a dynamic display system. If you are not at a train station, there are several ways you can access this information (ALLO-TRAM, AMT Chrono, My Account), in addition to consulting train schedules in the Train section of the website.

  5. Where can I pick up a train schedule?

    Train schedules are available in metropolitan ticket offices and other service outlets. You can also consult PDF schedules by visiting the page of your train station.

  6. How to authorize exo’s trip planning tool to access your location?

    Pick your browser and follow the instructions:

    Google Chrome