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Fare reform

Your fare is changing. This section will be progressively updated. For full details, Visit the ARTM website  →

OPUS card

The OPUS card is your loyal travel companion! The chip in the card allows you to load RTM and Greater Montréal transportation agency fares.

Buy it

You can buy an OPUS card for $6 at:

Reload it

The OPUS card is very versatile! It can be loaded with all kinds of fares (membership, monthly pass, 1 or 6 trips) and for various transit agencies. You can reload it:

Replace it

The OPUS card doesn't last forever! It has a useful life of 4 years, after which it stops working, even if it is still loaded with fares. Replace your OPUS card before it expires and recover the valid fares loaded on it by heading to one of our metropolitan ticket offices. Your unexpired fares will be transferred on another card. Check your card's expiration date.

If you have already bought a new OPUS card, visit the Postal processing of expired OPUS card page to see the instructions.

Register it

Why register your card? It's your guarantee in the event of loss, theft or damage! Your new OPUS card will reflect your unexpired transit fares.

Register your OPUS card


Get an OPUS card with photo

Are you eligible for a reduced fare? You will need an OPUS card with photo. Here's how to get one.

Get an OPUS card with photo


Validity period and cost

The validity period and cost of OPUS cards vary according to the type of fare purchased and the rate to which you are eligible. See all the details below.

Monthly passes, booklets or tickets

Fare Age Validity period Card price
Regular* All ages 4 years $6
Reduced** 6 to 11 2 years $6
Reduced** Students aged 12 and 13 2 years $15
Reduced** Students aged 14 to 17 1 year $15
Reduced** 65 and + 7 years $15
Student** 18 to 25 1 year $15

OPUS+ membership

Fare Age Validity period Card price
Regular* All ages 1 year $6***
Reduced** 6 to 17 and 65 and + 1 year $15
Student** 18 to 25 1 year $15

OPUS+ entreprise membership

Fare Age Validity period Card price
Regular All ages 1 year Free

* The regular fare applies for all those who do not hold an OPUS card with photo.

** You must have a valid OPUS card with photo to benefit from reduced or student fares.


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