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Fare reform

Your fare is changing. This section will be progressively updated. For full details, Visit the ARTM website  →


Six commuter train lines crisscross the Greater Montréal territory. Depending on your needs, there are two fare categories that allow you to access the network:

  • TRAIN: for the commuter rail network only.

  • TRAM: for the Greater Montréal commuter train, metro and bus networks.

    TRAIN and TRAM fares can be loaded onto an OPUS card or you may purchase a Solo card with 1 or 6 single tickets.

    Honour system for payment verification

    In commuter trains, we use an honour system for payment verification. This means that you must have a valid transit ticket or pass when you are on the train platform or on a train. Every municipality in the train network is part of a zone. Be careful! Make sure your ticket or pass corresponds to the highest fare zone on your route.

    Our reduced and student rates are advantageous! Visit the Fare classification section to see whether you are eligible!

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